How to Straighten Your Hair Without Risk of Split Ends?

By Erica Mate

If you do hair straightening at home it can be very harmful to your hair, unless you take into account the following secrets

It could be rather annoying if you cause damage to your hair unwittingly or if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing.

Good looking hair is a fabulous asset, yet if not cared for it can deteriorate. A heavy-handed approach with a straightening iron can cause split ends and damage that could take some time for the hair to recover from.

If you are using a straightening iron in the wrong way it can badly damage the hair, particularly at the ends, so correct use is essential. After all, you dont want to lose your fabulous hair, do you ?

First of all, it is essential to have good tools: A ceramic straightening iron is a must if you are straightening your hair often. A hair dryer with a good strong air flow and not just a hot one, must be used. If you are straightening regularly, say once or twice a week, then you should use a treatment that helps to prevent the hair from being dried out leading to frazzled ends.

A regular deep conditioning of the hair is also a good idea in order to keep it healthy, bouncy and shiny. A very good product that I use for this is Bonacure Q10 from Schwarzkopf.

After straightening use a wide-toothed comb along with a product to detangle. Its a very good idea to have a monthly trim in order to encourage your hair to grow healthily. In addition you should make sure you are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.

How to prepare your hair for the straightening? Always use a protective product when styling your hair straight. The best for this in my opinion is Osis Slick flattening liquid and the Osis Flatliner. Once out of the shower, wring hair out until it doesnt drip anymore, then dry as much as possible with a towel.

Apply a little bit of the straightening liquid before blow drying and in between towel drying. Blow dry by taking sections at a time and with a flat brush- it takes a while to master exactly how to straighten accurately but its worth it.

Use a little bit of gel or cream or something to keep it straight and non-frizzy, and shiny. I use the Osis Sparkler for this. I think this product does a very good job in this. - 31964

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How to Care for Genuine Hair Pieces and Artificial Hair Extensions

By Jenna Styles

If hair extensions are perfectly fitted, both fake hair extensions and human hair pieces can be washed, combed, treated and styled. Hair extensions are capable be worn persistently and may last for numerous months and look just as good as they did when they were received. Care does need to be taken with them just as you take with your own hair if you want it to look good and do what you want.

One of the best benefits of using human hair pieces is that they are an extension of your present hair. You need not deal with the extensions any differently to your present hair, and you can maintain the same cleaning and conditioning regimen that you always use. Human hair is the most genuine, and even to a trained stylist, it is almost impossible to tell that the hair is not authentic. When the hair is wet, the hair dries at the same pace and practicing the same method as your current hair, combining without the need for styling.

No extra concern needs to be utilized with hairdryers, curling irons and flat irons. The hair is as strong as your own and will work in the same way. This is not correct for synthetic hair as heated tools may harm the synthetic fibers if proper thought is not exercised.

If extensions are planned to be put in to make more volume, human hair presents significant advantages as fewer quantities of hair needs to be utilized to attain the body you desire.

Real hair soaks up dye flawlessly, and shades can be simply transformed without changing to another set of extensions put in. Real hair extensions are the preference of screen idols and celebrities as they present the most flexibility - incredibly imperative if you are forever in the public eye.

Predictably, the versatility and authentic look does come at a price, and human hair extensions are usually the most expensive decision. If you want to have extensions on a budget, then synthetic hair provides a cheaper choice.

Contemporary artificial tresses are extremely durable and artificial hair may be styled and ironed if attention is employed. You will notice that fake hair keeps its form for more time than authentic hair. Artificial hair will additionally stay flat even if it gets wet, so for precisely flat hair artificial does give greater benefits. It is also sold in basically every color you can come up with, so if you prefer a color slightly unordinary it is the perfect selection.

A number of individuals are put off by the thought of weaving another's hair into their scalp so naturally decide on fake, despite the simple care and benefits of real human hair but this actually is an issue of private selection. - 31964

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Get Hair Extensions at a Discount

By Geraldine Channing

If you would like to add length, body, or volume to your hair, you should try hair extensions. Since hair extensions have become so popular, a variety brands offer this product.

With the different options for hair extensions, women who are not familiar with hair extensions will find it hard to choose the most appropriate type for them. Aside from that, the costs of hair extensions also vary depending on the type and the material used. If you know where to search, you may even find discount hair extensions.

Normally, two categories of hair extensions exist. Synthetic is the first category, meaning the materials used are not real hair. Synthetic hair extensions can indeed look like human hair and you can even come across an extension that is an exact match to your real hair color.

Yet, there are some limitations for the synthetic type of hair extension. This form can't be styled to match your natural hair style because it is not real. Hence, this form is not suitable for styling. This would be just right for those who just want to make their hair longer.

On the other hand, the other type of hair extension which is suitable for women who would like to style their hair would be those types that are made with real hair. Because this type of hair extensions offer natural hair, you can style it anyway you want without limitations. You can perm it, straighten it, or curl it according to your preference. Truly, this form of hair extension is so versatile and very useful. The best part of it is you can create a style without damaging your real hair. Apart from that, the hair also looks so natural that no one would think that you actually have extensions.

Hence, if you are searching for discount hair extensions, it would be a good idea to have your own research first and determine which type hair extension is suitable for you. You can even find permanent hair extensions as opposed to temporary ones. If you need to style temporarily, then you can choose those clip-in types wherein you will have to simply attach it then remove it once you want to revert back to your previous hairstyle. On the other hand, if you really want to have that long hair, the permanent types of hair extensions are best. - 31964

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Do Not Purchase A Chi Flat Iron Until You Read This

By Stephan Noels

Are you looking for a hair straightener that won't damage your hair. Look no further than the Chi hair iron. Complete with state of the art design your hair will be cleaned and protected even while you straighten.

Temperature Controls

Firstly the Chi iron doesn't take long to heat up. Within six seconds it has already reached a good operating temperature. The heat is focused, by way of insulation, to the ceramic plates. These plates are controlled by a 'squeeze sensitive grip so you can determine how much heat your hair is getting.

Chi hair Iron - what About The Design?

Claimed to be ergonomic the Chi makes straightening hair easy. With a soft, versatile grip you can use it without getting tired. The on/off switch is on the inside so you don't need to worry about accidently turning it off while using it. It is lightweight and will fit into most standard curling stations.

Power Settings

The Chi hair iron uses low wattage (around 20 to 25 Watts) so you will be saving energy compared to using other irons. Also included is a 10 foot tangle free swivel cord which makes reaching the most difficult places easy.

Special Features

This is where the Chi hair iron really comes into its own. The iron emits positive ions. These ions will repel moisture and particles from the air, making sure your hair stays clean. On the other hand negative ions are also used. These push silk molecules into the cuticles, keeping you hair moist and leaving your hair soft and silky as if you have just walked out of a salon.

How Much Does The Chi Hair Iron Cost

As always it's good to have a look at the reviews and see what experiences other people are having with their product. For a professional hair iron the Chi is certainly much cheaper than others of a similar quality, although they are slightly dearer than the standard version. - 31964

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Step-By-Step Hairstyles Software: Upload Your Picture Pick A Look

By Marc Marseille

The right hairstyle can give you more confidence as well as make you look better. The keys to choosing the hairstyles that is right for you depends on certain features. When making a change in hairstyle, it is important to get an idea of how the hair do will compliment your features.

There a certain features that go well with certain hairstyles period. Someone with a low hairline would probably not look good wearing a bang, but with someone with a high hairline, it would be highly recommended.

Everyone has some features in their face that they are not to proud of and would not mind if it were hidden. Whatever that feature, there is a hairstyle that can bring out the best in anyone. There are styles that can diminished strong features such as long nose,large ears, short necks and long necks.

The main problem that you may encounter when trying to find your perfect is trying to visualize yourself in a different hairdo. Fortunately there is software that can enable you to upload your picture to view yourself in several different hairstyles.

Once you have uploaded your picture, you will be able to view yourself with different hairstyles such as short layered hairstyles, mid length hairstyles or even shoulder length hairstyles. Choosing a hair do that represents you best will depend on several factors in which the step-by-step software will provide.

In addition the software offers maintenance and beauty tips on your new hairstyle to help you make the right choice. The more information you know about your hairstyle, the better chance you will have to make a wise decision.

The choice of making a change to your hairstyle is huge. Many people identify their hair with their character, so making sure your new look is acceptable is a plus. A hairstyle software will help eliminate some of the guess work.

Knowing how you will look is great, but having the knowledge of your hairstyle is also needed. You would not want to choose a style that you could not afford. That decision would cost you several bad hair days. - 31964

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Black Hair Extensions

By Renada Williams

Black hair extensions are swiftly growing in fame amongst fashion aficionados, everyday people, and dark-haired famous people like Jordin Sparks, Brandy, Tyra Banks, and Demi Moore. Every one of them in no way neglects to appear at social scenes wearing hairstyles that appear distinct from their prior social or screen appearances.

Ever been curious about how they can transform their looks as habitually as they wanted to or how they get to be an object of jealously because of their style? A key to that appearance victory is their use of black hair extensions.

These black-colored hair extensions come in a range of styles, sizes, and products that ensure you create a fresh fashionable hairstyle every occasion you walk out of your house! These may allow you to have long hair, amplify the body of your hair, and receive highlights in only a matter of minutes! Dead are the days when you were so envious of idols with their trendy hairstyles. Amaze your family and be the apple among everyone's eyes for awhile!

Hair extensions are applied utilizing various methods: clip-ons.
Strand by Strand Hair Extensions - Small sections of the hair extension are applied individually to tiny portions of your natural hair by interlacing these in, gluing, heat fusing, clamping with metal tubes, or by utilizing waxes.

Weft hair - A Weft is comprised of horizontal strands of thread that are many inches long, on which the hair is previously fastened (A curtain of hair is fastened jointly at the top and steams freely at the bottom). The extensions are fastened one portion at a time as opposed the strand by strand procedure.

Clip-on hair extensions - As the name means, these are easily clipped to your hair as you desire wear them.

Taking care of these hair extensions are simply like caring for your own real hair. Here are some tips:
Comb out all the knots gently before you wash your hair or before going to bed.

Be certain to shampoo, condition, and moisturize your hair at least once every two to three days. Hair extensions will not take in the usual oils from your head, so these require additional moisture or they turn weak, dehydrated, and frizzed.

Cleanse between the braids (if your extensions have been weaved in) to remove dandruff and maintain a clean scalp.

So, start creating a new hairstyle immediately! - 31964

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Black Hair Wigs for African American Women

By Renada Williams

A head bursting of hair is a foundation of splendor for some. Nonetheless, not each individual is fond of how their hair looks. Also, some encounter that embarrassing step connecting two good hairstyles. For most African American women, this is a widespread issue.

Thankfully, wigs have been fashioned to aid in fixing this concern. Presently it is doable to modify from one look to another with no embarrassment. Also, alternating a number of wigs with numerous styles permit us to be chic without revealing our real hair and head in rish of destruction and dryness.

Most of the human hair used in black hair wigs originates from China, India, and Indonesia. These tresses of hair can also be bleached and shaded to create wigs of a number of colors.

In selecting the perfect wig for you, consider the following types:

People with round or wide faces should purchase wigs with long locks to enable the face seem more elongated. Keep away from wigs formed as neat bobs.

Individuals with square shaped faces or strong jaw lines ought to select wigs that feature the top section of the face. Stay away from wigs that have dull-cut bangs as these force the face to look more jagged. If bangs are a requirement, select wigs with thin or fringed bangs. If you select a wig without bangs, divide the hair toward one side as opposed to the middle.

Individuals who have heart-shaped faces ought to select wigs with gorged bottoms. Chin-length wigs containing bangs swept to the side are suitable selections. Stay away from wigs that contain elevation at the top and near the ears.

People who have elongated or lengthy and skinny shaped faces ought to select wigs offering curled or wavy hair that arrives at the center of the neck to increase width to the face. Stay away from wigs that contain a layered look and wigs that offer lengthy or dangling tresses.

Individuals who have oval faces are in luck since they may select a large variety of wig types.

In purchasing the right texture, pick the one that nearly matches your real hair. If you are going from a tight curl or braid to a loose style, opt for a consistency that matches the loose hair.

Wigs offering lace fronts are good options since the lace is inclined to seem like recently grown hair. These generate a virtually indistinguishable hairline.

Black hair wigs can be found from under $50 to an excess of a thousand dollars. So attempt one immediately! - 31964

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